Our bodies contain invisible energies that are electromagnetic and respond beautifully to sound and tones. The right type and amount of souund can have a postive effect of "harmonizing" your energetic field, promoting optimal wellbeing. Sound Harmonizing therapies are used in medical facilities all over the world to address PTSD and its associated symptoms, including anxiety, sleep challenges, grief, depression, anger and panic attacks. Remarkable success has been seen in lessoning sypmtoms of Parkinsons disease, fibromyalgia, digestive issues and autoimmune disorders, just to name a few.

The vibrations and tone of tuning forks, native drum, sound bowls or chimes may be used leaving you with an amazing state of calm relaxation. Stress, monkey mind, depression/anxiety, brain fog and even pain may dissipate, being replaced with feelings of clarity, joy and peace, and even a sense of overall wellbeing.

These sessions are done on a comfortable massage table, while the client is fully clothed with a blanket for warmth, if needed. In some cases, remote sessions may be available.

*Some medical conditions may have contraindications to these sessions. Please contact us for more information or you can schedule a free consultation prior to experiencing your first Sound Harmonizing session.

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